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Coronavirus, Client Guidelines

Implimented by the UK government

We hope you are all managing in these challenging times. We are taking Covid19 seriously and have put in place the following guidelines for your safety and peace of mind. For example,to reduce the opportunities for transmission of the virus and to operate safely, the main hygiene and safety guidelines  are as follows

Arrival & Exit....


  • You should arrive “just in time” for your appointment.

  •  Current advice is that we do not provide any waiting room facilities to reduce the amount of time people are in the building.

  • If you struggle with mobility, you will however be allowed in to sit and wait.

  • You need to be unaccompanied if at all possible, If you are bringing someone who is elderly or infirm, again, one accompanying carer please.

  • Your therapist  will meet you at the door or text/call you to say they are ready for you.

  • There is a hand sanitiser dispenser on entry 

  • There are toilet facilities

  • If you have come for a treatment, your therapist  will ask you to wash your hands in the treatment room.

  • Encouraging clients to arrive at the time of their scheduled appointment and maintaining social distancing in waiting areas – which is done on a “one-in-one-out” basis 


Hygiene & Infection Control...

  • If you are coming for a treatment, you will be contacted  by telephone by your  therapist 24hrs before your appointment to check any symptoms/recent contacts and your health, in order to risk assessing you for treatment

  • To further minimise risk of infection, please avoid bringing anything but the bare essentials to the centre.

  • Therapists  will be wearing PPE as advised by their regulatory body; this can vary slightly but you should expect a visor depending on treatment and aprons.

  • There is no requirement for the client to wear any additional protection such as a mask or face covering, when the practitioner is wearing a visor.

  • Using disposable gowns for each client. Where this is not possible, use separate gowns (and towels in the normal way) for each client, washing between use and disposing appropriately as required.

  • Therapist  will clean down high-touch surfaces, door handles (both sides), chair, desk, couch, trolley, vanity sink before, between and  after each client 

  • There are hand washing and/or sanitising facilities provided in every room.

  • Therapist will ventilate the room between clients.

  • Therapist  will not be able to handle  appointment cards so please bring stationary or mobile phone  to record any future appointments.

Room layouts...


  • Seating has been swapped and replaced with wipeable tub chairs where we can. Soft furnishing chairs can be covered in disposable hygiene roll


  • Soft furnishings/non-wipeable ornaments have been removed. If cushions or pillows are required for comfort, please ask and your practitioner will double wrap them in hygiene roll (provided in each room)


  •  Disposable recyclable cups are provided

  • There will be no hot drinks available.

Read the Government’s guidelines “Keeping workers and clients safe during COVID-19 in close contact services – COVID-19 secure guidance for employers, employees and the self- employed”

Please find Covid-19 Risk assessment written in the blog section 

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