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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Foot Spa

Foot massage can improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure

We all know that a foot spa can be therapeutic in many ways, especially after a long, tiring day. But besides helping us relax and relieve achy muscles, foot massage has other health benefits, too.

What are the benefits of foot massage?

1. Improves blood circulation

Because most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles in our feet rarely get exercise. And tight or uncomfortable shoes don’t help with circulation. Massage stimulates blood flow, and a 10-20 minute daily session before going to bed can significantly improve circulation in the legs and feet. This is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes.

2. Lowers blood pressure

In recent years, high blood pressure has become pretty common, often caused by stress, poor diet, genetics or environmental factors. Placing pressure on the acupressure points over the sole of the foot can help relieve much of the tension that builds up there. Studies have shown that people in high-stress jobs benefitted from regular 10-minute foot massages each week, which resulted in lower blood pressure, less anxiety and improved mood.

3. Encourages better sleep

Just as with any massage, a few minutes of foot massage before bed can help you relax and improve your quality of sleep.

4. Reduces the effects of anxiety and depression

In addition to relaxing you during the massage, frequent sessions of foot massage can have longer lasting effects as well. Some studies have shown that regular foot massage can help reduce anxiety by as much as 50%.

5. Speeds recovery in foot injuries

Massage can aid recovery after an injury, both helping the foot to heal and keeping the foot and ankle strong and flexible. Regular foot massage can also help prevent the types of ankle and foot injuries common among athletes or people who do high-intensity workouts.

6. Reduces edema during pregnancy

Pregnant women often suffer from edema, which is swelling in the feet and ankles caused by fluid retention. Massaging the feet on a daily basis with firm yet gentle strokes can help combat edema, as does drinking plenty of water and getting sufficient rest.

7. Boosts energy levels

According to some studies, foot massage can also reduce fatigue and help elevate your mood. By improving circulation and nerve functions, a regular foot massage can help you combat feelings of grogginess and aid in concentration.

8. Improves immune function

Regular foot massage can improve your immune system by increasing the activity of white blood cells that help your body fight infections and other diseases. Massage also reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol that is often the culprit of various health issues.

9. Improves sex drive

The stress relief that comes with massage can also put you and your partner in the mood. Giving and receiving a foot massage can be effective foreplay in the bedroom, as the massage can lead to mild arousal.

10. Keeps your feet in healthy condition

Frequent massage gives you a chance to check for any foot problems before they get worse, such as:


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