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Aromatherapy Acupressure Facial

A natural face -lift combined into a relaxing and restorative health-giving treatment. In an Aromatic Acupressure Facial you can expect to have a detailed consultation (especially in your first treatment) followed by a deep cleanse with an organic cleanser and toner, a gentle exfoliation with an organic scrub, a face mask(depending on your skin type.) The treatment includes an incredibly relaxing facial massage that stimulates over 50 tsubos (acupressure points) and 8 meridians on the face before finishing with some simple lymphatic drainage techniques. It is a wonderfully relaxing yet energising treatment and feels like a full body massage.

It’s amazing how much of our past and present life’s story, is told through our face. Because the skin is the largest organ of the body this is hardly surprising and the face is probably the most skin on bodies that anyone will ever see, so looking after our faces becomes a priority over other body parts for most of us. By studying skin conditions and changes, we can determine inner balance and stressed areas of the body.

Chinese face mapping can help to establish the connection between skin conditions and the systems of the body. For example an imbalance of the Kidney Meridian is often reflected in the face, below the eyes but also the ears and hair. This imbalance reflected on the face can

manifest in dry skin, oily skin, dark circles under the eyes, particularly in this case, breakouts, wrinkles or rashes – eczema and psoriasis.

Please note, this information is not intended to replace that of a trained medical professional. If you have any doubt about your health, visit your doctor.


Acupressure Points(2012)

Acupressure Facial James, J(2019)

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