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Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

How will the benefits Help me

Sports massage is not just for athletes! Anyone can benefit from this type of therapy especially if they have specific problem soft tissue areas. People can sometimes experience muscle aches and tension that can be caused through bad posture, work, stress, and anxiety. Sports massage can be beneficial for athletes and dancers preparing for an event and recovery time after an event. Sports and deep tissue massage is an effect therapy for pain relief, increased flexibility as well as easing away fatigue and tension in the muscles.

The benefits of a sports / deep tissue massage: Reduce muscle tension, cramping, swelling and inflammation Promote increased flexibility and mobility Pain relief Improve circulation Stimulate lymphatic system aiding with the removal of waste products Prevent injuries Speed up recovery times Stress and Anxiety relief General Wellbeing Energy Booster

What to expect

A session will usually last for an hour, although the first session will take a little longer to incorporate a pre therapy consultation and a postural assessment. The consultation will include a full medical history and general lifestyle. During the postural assessment I will also observe the skeletal, muscular alignments and check your range of your movements, to ensure a jointly developed treatment plan can be tailored to suit your personal needs. For the first session of your treatment it is required that men bring or wear shorts and ladies to bring or wear shorts, a sports bra or vest top. There is no need to feel nervous about a postural assessment but if you are feeling anxious then I can discuss this with you prior to your appointment. For me, it is more important that you feel relaxed so that you feel the benefits after the massage. During the massage towels and blankets will be used to ensure that you are always comfortable and warm. People usually ask, "Will it be painful?" and the honest answer is yes, sometimes it can be a little tender. If the muscles are very tight and overworked, then the massage can be a little uncomfortable at first but as the flexibility increases the pain will ease. Clients often refer to sports massage as a "good pain" as they can feel their muscles starting to loosen up during the massage. With reference to pain, I can be completely guided by you(by asking you questions throughout ) so can adjust my pressure accordingly. Whilst I do believe that sometimes a little bit of "tenderness" is required to work the muscles, I am not a fanatical "no pain, no gain" therapist! If a client would like a light relaxing back and shoulder massage, then I can adapt my massage techniques accordingly, so it is important that we have a discussion during the consultation of your needs and expectations. On the first session I tend to massage in a lower intensity to gauge how your body responds to massage both during and after your treatment All sessions will end with some gentle stretches to aid flexibility so I will show clients some relevant stretches that they can do at home to maintain the benefits of the massage. Aftercare Advice After the therapy I recommend clients to drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and alcohol and eat light balanced meals and if possible to relax and not to over exert themselves physically for the remainder of the day. The aftercare advice helps the detoxification process within the body to prevent any negative side effects. Are there any side effects after the therapy? After the session clients can experience a variety of different reactions, many of which are positive, all the below reactions are part of the body's healing process as it tries to return to a balanced state. During massage, whilst releasing tension in the muscles and stimulating the lymph system toxins are released. All the following reactions are entirely normal and tend to last for 24-48 hours: Increased energy Enhanced sleep Relief from pain or you can experience muscular aches More mobile joints Increased thirst Headaches Drowsiness (increased sleep will help the body to rest and heal) Spots which are due to the elimination of toxins Increased urination and more frequent bowel movements which again are due to the elimination of toxins Flu-like symptoms Emotional or psychological release (e.g. crying) How many sessions will I require? Every client is treated as an individual so it is hard to define an ideal number of sessions. Some clients like to see me every week while others may come once a month for some relaxation time. However, if there is a specific injury or sporting event clients are working towards then the number of sessions will be dictated by those factors. Experience has taught me that around 5 - 6 weekly sessions will give me the opportunity to identify any areas of concern and by this time my clients tend to feel the benefits of the massage. If everything is going well after this time, then a "maintenance" session every 1 - 2 months works well.

Is Sports / Deep Tissue Massage suitable for everyone? Sports / Deep tissue massage is suitable for most people but there are certain conditions which would prevent it from going ahead which I am happy to discuss prior to your appointment. If you have had a recent injury, then it will need to be rested and iced before any massage can be considered. If you are under the care of a consultant or you General Practitioner, then I would advise you to speak with them to ensure Deep Tissue/Sports Massage would not affect their treatment plan.

For any further enquiries, please feel free to phone and discuss this with me prior to the appointment.


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