The Benefits Of Psoas Muscle Release, By Using Percussive therapy.

What is the psoas muscle?

In your body, there are three significant muscles that connect your spine to your legs. These include the gluteus maximus, piriformis, and psoas muscles.

The psoas muscle is attached to the vertebrae on your lumbar spine, and then crosses the outer edge of each pubis (near your pelvis). It then joins with the iliacus muscle at your inguinal ligament (in your groin region), and finally to the femur. Your iliacus and psoas muscles, together are known as the iliopsoas.

You are able to stand and walk upright in part because the curve of your lower spine both bears and transfers the weight above it. The psoas muscle helps to create this curve, as it pulls your lumbar vertebrae both forward and down.

The psoas muscle also plays another essential role in helping you walk. When you are walking, your brain triggers your psoas muscle to move your back leg forward initiating the alternation between the front and back leg. So each successful step you take is thanks in part to your psoas muscle.