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Chakra-Balancing Reflexology

Chakras are considered to be the network through which the body, mind and spirit interact and are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. There are seven main chakras (wheels) and these record every moment of our lives forming the body’s inner wisdom and knowledge. This recorded history can either motivate or restrict us as we go through life on physical, emotional, conscious and unconscious levels.

Working on chakras may help unblock tension in these life energies and break down the armour we form in difficult times and events. This armour and other energy blockages inhibit the free flow of energy and can result in pain, emotional difficulties and poor health.

Reflexology is excellent for people with busy lives, overactive minds, or who feel emotionally stagnant

​​Chakra balancing reflexology aims to unblock life energies and to liberate organs and parts of the body from the effects of body armour. The seven major chakras that have a relationship to glands in the hormone (endocrine) system. Through balancing the chakras, reflexology can help balance this system along with the nervous system. This powerful technique is used to help create integration and wholeness resulting in a more effective treatment.

This technique can be a stand alone treatment on the feet for 30 minutes or added to a standard reflexology treatment to last 60 minutes.


Power Reflexology Using Chakras to Unblock Energies. Vedova,J,D(2020) cited in


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